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ABOUT US: True Vision Analytics, LLC is a company focused on providing residential and commercial real estate investors with simple to use analytics and marketing software.  The founder (Daniil Kleyman) is himself an experienced, active real estate investor and developer based in Richmond, VA.   Originally, this software was created for Daniil’s own business but as he started sharing it with a few friends, he realized that there was a big need in the marketplace for tools to help investors calculate correct offers on their deals and market their deals in an intelligent manner.  That’s why all of our software programs allow you to create killer marketing materials which you can use to secure financing, sell your deals to other investors, pitch them to partners, and much much more.  All with a few clicks of your mouse.  We are OBSESSIVE about customer service, even for the free software we give away.  Go ahead and enter your information at the top of this page to download Rental Valuator Lite and see for yourself how powerful this software can be for your business!

**Please Note:  the free version of our software is called Rental Valuator Lite.  There is also a fancier version called Rental Valuator Premium that you will have the option to purchase for $97, but you are under no obligation whatsoever!!

Here are just a few sample reports that Rental Valuator Lite will allow you to create:

6 Reports for Squeeze Page

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