Duplex Valuation Case Study #1



Part 1:

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Part 2:

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There will be more deal-valuation case-studies like this coming your soon!


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  1. Howard Abell

    Very nice presentation. I am a commercial real estate consultant helping investors create retirement plans using real estate. The rental valuator software helps my clients visualize what the plan will accomplish as well as allow for choosing the different options available when purchasing a property.

  2. Foster

    Hello Daniil All of this goes into my category “Very Interesting” BUT way over the head of my investor buyers of one to four(Mostly SFR)!
    They are successful so their system must work for them. Their cash on cash return is often a lot less than what you or I would consider BUT it’s sure better than the laughable bank saving rate or the dangers playing with the sharks on wall street. They are buying now at the bottom of the market and expect to do very nicely in a few years with appreciation and if not, in the mean time the tenant is buying the place for them.

    Show me your spread sheet for them that shows max price to buy, mini repair/improve, hold and resell cost,
    mini resale price, net profit and I think I can get their attention away for only buy/hold.

    Please respond to my email address as I don’t always get back to your comments section.

    P.S. I had some computer problems and lost most of your earlier emails.

    • Daniil Kleyman

      Foster- I think you may want to look at our other software. It does what you’re looking to do: http://RehabValuator.com

  3. Vin

    This does not display on iPads.

  4. Brian

    Daniil, thanks for the great info and making things simple to understand, looking forward to next lesson.

  5. Junaid

    Great presentation. Easy to understand and follow. Thanks.

  6. Bill Palmer

    Outstanding value, Daniil! I really appreciate your going the extra mile with the tutorials and case studies. Because of the way you explain it so clearly, for the first time I feel that this material is not dry and boring, but is actually interesting and useful!

    I always look forward to your material.

  7. Dean Yee

    I am impressed with the video. Walking thru with you, I have a better understanding. I am a novice at this and want to be able to utilize tools like this to make the informed decisions. In this economic climate, there is little or no room for mistakes. Thank you again.

  8. Geo Considine

    Daniil this takes a host of spread sheets and analytical tools I have been trying to use effectively and puts exactly what is needed at my finger tips. Great Job with the program — even better job with the thougthful tutorials.

  9. Brenda Waldron

    Great presentation Daniil. A lot of great detail. After viewing some of your other videos I felt confident to advertise and talk to a Private Lender on one of my New York projects.

    I’m excited!!!!

  10. Danill,

    Good presentation. I am working on a small commercial building deal that would require rehab $$$ over a one year period. 50% would be needed up front upon purchase and the other 50% would be spread out over the 1st 12 months as space gets leased out. How does your software accommodate rehab $$$ spread out over time. I would like to make my own assumptions on when I think I will need the rehab $$$

    • Daniil Kleyman

      Phil – for short-term rehab projects, you should download our other software – Rehab Valuator. Lite version is free at http://RehabValuator.com

  11. Danill,

    I’m making assumptions on rent on more than 12 units. Can you we increase the number of units we can make assumptions on?

    • Daniil Kleyman

      Phil – the software gives you inputs for 12 “unit types” or layouts, but for each “type” you can enter an unlimited # of units. So hypothetically, you can run #s on a 5,000 unit property or higher.

      If you have more than 12 layouts our “unit types”, we can send you a modified version with more inputs.

  12. frank

    great stuff. just learning.thats what i bin looking for .thank u

  13. Paul Warburton

    Enjoyed the presentations, your voice exudes confidence and the pacing is nice. Thanks for sharing these case studies and I look forward to future videos.

  14. James King

    Thanks Daniil for the tutorials. I have several rental properties, but have not done this type of analysis on any of them. I am about to purchase more properties, but will definitely use these tools before I move forward. My background is engineering and finance so the math and explanations I find easy to follow.

  15. Valuable information presented in an easy to understand format. Thanks for sharing with your readers. It is precisely the info our group needs….

  16. The information in these videos were priceless. The rental valuator software helps me visualize what the plan will accomplish as well as allow for choosing the different options available when purchasing a property.

  17. karl

    terrific and good intro maybe an idea would be to prioritize the metrics in your opinion the basic necessities to evaluate the offer or the different approaches one can use. thank you and very interesting. much appreciated!

  18. Betty Masters

    There are some of us that have a full time job that do not have the time to sit and watch a bunch of videos on the computer and would like written material to read at night. Can you make something like that available?

    • Daniil Kleyman

      Betty – there are some of us that only have time to make FREE educational videos for you, but don’t have the time to create FREE written materials for you 😉

  19. Bryan, P

    Great presentation, this will help me in my future real estate investing. I will forward to my friends.

  20. John Becker


    I really appreciate the time and effort you put into your product as well as educating the end users. I am glad I ran across you and happy to be a user of your products!

    • Daniil Kleyman

      John – it’s my pleasure! Thank you for your compliments and glad you’re finding the videos and software useful!

  21. Richard Marques

    That was a great video! It was informative, and easy to understand.
    Thanks for doing this
    Keep them coming.

  22. Patrick

    Excellent training, thank you Daniil. :0)

  23. Francisco Valdez

    Daniil as an Investors we always will ask our self’s, why it is for sale then we find out the motive of why, now if we are blind in not using the right tools like Rental Valuator we will be looking as novices without a clue, especially in income producing properties where everything needs to be taken into consideration first in order to make an offer.
    Great presentation and let me say that no one teach Commercial with hands on training like you do and I said no one because you are the only one whom ‘s doing it from according the institutional way of acceptance (meaning) Big brokerage firms, Banks, Private money investors, etc.

    Francisco Valdez

    Investment Researchers

  24. Ray Williams

    The first tutorial was very useful in starting to use the software. I am now in the initial stages of getting into the investment property game.

  25. Very informative.

  26. Jo

    This is much needed GOOD STUFF keep at it Daniil and God bless!

  27. Josie

    This is an awesome software Daniil. Would be nice if you can create another case study for a larger complex like 36 units, using this rental valuator software.

  28. hbl


    Excellent analytical tool. Question: would this program be suitable to market multi-unit residential buildings?

    • Daniil Kleyman

      Yes. This software is frequently used to market multi-family buildings to buyers, show them all of the financials on how the property is currently performing, as well as pro-formas, pics, and any other relevant data.

  29. This was a very informative and well put together presentation. Thank you for making it easy for us to determine “how to buy” to maximize profits.

  30. Bill

    Dan, I like the way you present and explain your reason for each entry in the matrix.
    You are very low key in your speaking, slowly and easy to understand.
    You don’t hipe up your presentation with testimonials from folks with no
    last name, flashing pictures of checks.
    Keep it up.

    • Daniil Kleyman

      Thanks, Bill!

  31. I have witnessed that clever real estate agents everywhere you go are getting set to FSBO Promoting.
    They are knowing that it’s not only placing a sign post in the front property.
    It’s really in relation to building connections with these dealers who sooner
    or later will become customers. So, whenever you give your time and efforts to aiding these traders go it alone — the “Law involving Reciprocity” kicks in. Thanks for your blog post.

  32. Allen Thomas Cousins

    Very nice presentation keep up the good Work .

  33. Dane Wycoff

    Daniil, I picked up Evaluator Premium a few weeks ago but didn’t have time to use it yet. After seeing your duplex video example, I used Evaluator to analyze two duplexes I just closed on last week. Interestingly, Evaluator Premium was within pennies of the numbers I derived using other analysis tools. However, I did not have a reporting tool previoulsy so Evaluator Premium really compliments my property analysis and presentation capablilty.
    Thank You!

  34. Johanna

    Thank you for the tutorial, it is very informative and you explained well. How can I get the Rental Valuator template .

  35. Paul LaSpina

    All the software tutorial is great, my question is where are you getting all those figures to put in the software from??? That is where I’m getting stuck just starting out. If I have a deal to look at typically they send me the price/rehab costs/ARV…. where does ALL the other data you are entering coming from?

    • Jacob Coots

      Hi Paul,

      Are you looking at single-family or multi-family? For single-family, if you have the ARV and rehab costs, you can estimate most everything else based on good rules of thumb. For multi-family it gets a little more complicated and it’s good to ask for pro formas, history of expenses, income, etc.

  36. coli

    very easy to understand – thanks!

    • Dylan Hampson

      Great! Please reach out if you ever need anything.