Duplex Valuation Case Study #2

This is a new valuation and analysis case study for a duplex I put under contract recently.  This property has been fully renovated about 2 years ago and currently does not require any rehab, yet I was able to put it under contract at roughly 70% of TODAY’s market value, which means I am buying with an instant equity position of $75k+ as well as pretty strong cash flow.

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  1. Kent

    This is a very thorough lesson on this great software. The teaching knowledge that Daniil has in real estate investing is by far superior to any other that I have seen or heard.

  2. Joe Lane

    Great stuff Daniil. Thank you so much for making this software available to everyone…for FREE.
    As soon as I’m able I will definitely get the upgraded version.

    Again, thank you so much.

    Joe :^ )

  3. Vaughn

    great content as always – quick question. since only one side was rented when you purchased it the DCR is actually a lot lower than calculated here…are you relying on the relationship you have established with the bank for them to lend to you using a fully rented NOI to determine the DCR? For those of us who are just starting out without the established bank relationship, will they typical lend with a sub 1.2 DCR if the investor’s debt-to-income ratio is below a certain level?


  4. Mike

    Very helpful thank you

  5. Junaid

    Thanks once again for creating a very informative and easy to follow video. Being a newbie, I found this very helpful. Thanks.

  6. leonard s

    Excellent presentation. Will take some to digest informtion.

  7. Watched this over breakfast! This presentation really put some meat on the bones especially entering projected rentals over the hold period instead of just a percentage. I tell you what helped too was knowing that in the monthly expense cells putting the annual amount /12 saved me time. thanks very much

  8. silvino Camacho

    Hey Mr Daniil,
    I found your class, very interesting and educational at the same time . Well I am a newbie in real state and lost a duplex, so I decide to learn as much as possible about it. Thank you very much I really value your time. Silvino Camacho.

  9. Larry Meincke

    It really looks good and seems fairly simple to put together. I will try this out on a $2m deal I am now doing.. Keep them coming as I think I am getting better at doing the calculations the more I watch the videos. Thanks

  10. Jason Z

    Thanks and keep them coming Daniil. The more we can see the software in action, the better. I just downloaded the 2 premium versions and I’m in the process of doing my own case studies!

  11. James King

    Thanks again Daniil for your tutorials. This is a great follow up to the first tutorial, since it just put the essentials of your thought process and the software into a real project. Excellent presentation.

  12. Rebecca

    Hi Daniil!
    This program is fantastic for me to learn a great tool to show to my buyers as a new investor. I have to learn a lot more, and this program gives me much faster calculating my numbers to present to my buyers & sellers. Your programs are saving my time & money. I have seen last week a duplex to buy, but it needs to be fixed to rent. It is closer to an university, so it’ll get easier to get tenants. Therefore, I’m using your tools to analysis the numbers to present to my seller & my realtor. I’m still learning to use your tools a better way. Thanks again.

  13. Leonel

    I am amazed for the stuff I am learning with you. I feel like I am getting ready to do some deals based on what I have learned from your presentations. I have your premium rental Valuator and I can’t wait to do some real numbers and feel secure with my offers. Again thank you so much to share with us your knowledge. Your software is the right tool to manage real estate investment properties. I am just learning more about how to get financing for my first deal as I only have $30Kof my own money for initial investment.
    Thank you again,
    Leone Lopes

  14. Lee

    This was very informative, but I have a question. I was following along with your presentation numbers on my copy of the software and I was getting a little different numbers. I am using the Lite version, but from the presentation it appears that up until you mention the following examples are only available on the full version I should be seeing the same numbers. Again, they were not off by much, but off. Also, under the Analysis Interface tab I have different information showing in the “Holding period, Resale and IRR Assumptions” box. Is this due to using the lite version?

  15. Steve

    Hi Daniil,

    Great video! Great application and exactly what I was looking for to help me evaluate properties. Do you have any videos on the definitions to the terminology that is not self explanatory? Do you use banks or private investors for your financing? I truly appreciate the time you take to freely share your knowledge and experience.


  16. Louise Rosett

    Like the case studies! Could you do one where the purchase of rental property is made with a credit line, interest only for seven years, interest rate1% below prime and comment on the wisdom of using this kind of financing. Thank you

  17. Roger Ordaz

    Daniil, Kudos on the video! This is an excellent presentation on your software’s capabilities. Can’t wait to put it to work. For me … a great investment both with your tutorials and the software!! Keep up the Great work! Thanks A Mill! Roger Ordaz

  18. Hi Daniil,

    Thanks for the great content, you answered my question on which reports to send a potential private lender.

  19. Patrick

    Excellent training again, thanks Daniil.

  20. Luanne Dvorak

    Love the webinar. Will this software work on self storage units and other commercial properties?
    Would like to see a demo on that. I also see a comment about software being user friendly with a Mac. Would like some more info on that as a Mac is my main computer that I use.
    Thanks for your help.

  21. Joey Blankenship

    This is very reassuring. Thank you for the peace of mind. I am no longer a sceptic. I was wondering though when I am finished with my first presentation would you mind looking over it to give me any pointers.

  22. Monika

    Hi Deniil,

    Great software. I really appreciate all the details you put into it.

  23. Kurt S.

    Daniil, I’m rather pleased with the degree of ease that the RentalValuator processes the data. Saves me time, and makes it much easier to “pitch” the deal to the partner. As to the video, very thorough and paced for good comprehension.